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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PIT CARD?

The PIT CARD is BOTH a gift and rewards card, all in one! Use as a gift card and load money onto it to give as a gift or use yourself. Earn free food by earning points on the card. $1 spent = 1 point earned on the card.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE!!

How does the gift-card work?

It's really easy, load money on any PIT CARD and you can use it yourself or give it as a gift!

Will there be any promotions with the PIT CARD?

There sure will, just check out your local Pita Pit to find what they're offering!

Where can I use it?

Any participating Pita Pit!! You can do a search at to find any participating location. If the store nearest you is not participating, just keep checking back!

What can we redeem points for?

Your favorite Pita foods! See our redemption schedule below. But beware…your local Pita Pit may offer even more great deals!

Standard Pita / Fork Style 90 Points
6” Pita / Kids Pita 70 Points
32 oz Fountain Drink 30 Points
Bag of Chips 15 Points
Fresh Baked Cookie 10 Points

If I forgot my card when I go to purchase a pita can I still accrue points?

Unfortunately, NO you need your card! We need to swipe your card at the time or purchase in order for you to receive your points.

How does the card benefit me?

The PIT CARD is a great way to earn free food if you’re a frequent pita eater. It’s totally free and easy to use, so why not have one!

How Do I Become A Pita Pit Rewards Member?

It's Easy:

Step 1: Ask for a Card and have your server activate it for you.
Step 2: Register your Card at
Step 3: Return to a participating Pita Pit and receive special promotional offers.
Step 4: Come back to dine and redeem your offer! The more often you dine, the more offers you'll get!

Can I Have More Than One Card?

Yes. However, any registration bonuses will only be granted to the first Card registered.

What Should I Do If My Card Is Stolen, Lost Or Damaged?

If your lost Card is registered, you must first stop by any participating Pita Pit and get a new Card.

You can then go to and add the new card to your existing profile.

You can transfer your accrued balances to your new card.

If I Don't Register My Card, Will It Be Replaced If It Is Lost, Stolen Or Damaged?

We encourage you to register your Card on-line, because an unregistered Card cannot be replaced.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Problems With My Card?

Please visit your nearest Pita Pit Restaurant.

Do The Pita Pit Rewards Cards Expire? Are There Fees Or Penalties If I Don't Use My Card Frequently?

Pita Pit Rewards Cards do not expire and there are no fees or penalties for non-use.